Shofar Mountain update and Olight sale!

Shofar Mountain update and Olight sale!

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Flash sale date: 8pm June 21st -12am June 23rd EDT, lasting 28 hours
All listings below are limited 2 per person, except i5T Gunmetal Grey
Free Gift: Keychain Multi-tool, need to click the Facebook or Email share button to complete the sharing, and it will be automatically added to your cart .

2.Odin Black 30% off, (MAP: $159.95; Sales price:$111.97)
Bundle:Odin Black+ I5T Gunmetal Gray (limited edition) 40% off,(MAP: $192.9; Sales price:$115.74)
Odin Desert Tan (limited edition) 30% off,(MAP: $169.95; Sales price:$118.97)
Bundle:Odin Desert Tan+I5T Gunmetal Gray 40% off,(MAP: $202.9; Sales price:$121.74)

3.Here are some features of Odin:
1).Revolutionary remote switch for a tight fit. Magnetically attach and push to lock in a second.
2).Compatible with most scout mounts, provide flexible ways to mount the Odin to the rifle.
3).Quick attach/release slide mounting system.
4).Innovative magnetic charging.
5).2,000 lumens output, one of the brightest rifle lights on the market.
6).5000mAh 21700 battery, making it most powerful rifle light.

4.The sale details of S2R Baton II:

S2R Baton II Desert Tan(Limited Edition) 30% off,(MAP: $74.95; Sales price:$52.47)
Bundle:S2R Baton II Desert Tan + i5T DT 40% off, (MAP: $107.9; Sales price:$64.74)

S2R Baton II Purple (Limited Edition) Date: 8pm June 21st EDT – 12am June 24th EDT, 52 hours
1) S2R Baton II Purple 30% off,(MAP: $74.95; Sales price:$52.47)
Bundle:S2R II Purple+ i5T GR 40% off, (MAP:$107.90; Sales price: $64.74)
2) S2R II Purple + S2R II Desert Tan 40% off, (MAP:$149.90; Sales Price: $89.94),LIMIT 1 PER PERSON

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