SHTF bug out vehicle by Lucky Gunner Garage :SEMA 2019

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Are you a prepper? Or a survivalist? Do you want a bug out vehicle that is bullet proof (aka bullet resistant) and can drive over most obstacles on the road?

Dont forget….this has a remote controlled machine gun on a turret that they couldn’t bring to SEMA.

And to the folks who say it can be shot with armor piercing high explosive rounds…looters and street thugs dont carry armor piercing rounds or explosives.

Also if a man can afford a $250k custom toy like this he can probably afford NFA weapons an AOWs…i.e. belt fed machine guns and explosives like 40mm grenades and howitzer canons and drones with explosives. After all we are talking SHTF no law….all of which he can use to fight his way out of town.

Plus rich people can afford to arm their friends and family. This beast wont be rolling down the street by itself unarmed. I’m sure there will be ford raptors with full auto AK47s poking out of every window as support vehicles front and rear.

If you want one then call the guys at because they built an Armored Survival Vehicle and its for sale!!! Only $250,000.

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