Stabbing Attack on the Ground (Social Experiment)

We are doing a social experiment for men on how to defend themselves against knife attackers. Subscribe to my channel :

The purpose of this project is to test men’s defense abilities against opponents carrying a weapon.

Fabien was one of our volunteers for this stabbing attack experiment on the ground. His instincts and reflexes were very good, his first instinct was to trap the knife which is exactly what you are supposed to do in this situation.

No matter what position you may be in, whether it be on the ground or up, you must always trap the knife your attacker is carrying. This is crucial and very important.

One common mistake many men tend to do, is that when someone tries to attack them, they try to fight them off with their muscles and overpower them. This isn’t a good idea, because even if you are fit and strong, if your opponent is bigger, you are going to waste energy or worse get slashed while trying to overpower him using only your body strength.

Instead, a good idea is to trap the knife, and then defend yourself by palm striking or elbowing your attacker. This is ideal if ever you are caught in a headlock on the ground. Once you have done enough damage to him, you should escape from the situation. Your only goal should be to get out quickly and stay alive.

One thing to remember is that you cannot grapple a knife. It takes too much energy, and if your attacker is bigger and stronger than you, it won’t be ideal to do this since you can get very hurt.

Now, let’s say your opponent has mounted you. Your knees should be bent and you should be prepared to buck your hips to get him off of you while capturing the knife that is in his hand. Once you manage to do this, strike him while continuously trapping the knife he has in his hand. Strike back until you manage to incapacitate your attacker.

Once you manage to do that, you get out. Survival should be the only thing on your mind.

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Your comments are always appreciated!

Your comments are always appreciated.
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