Started a Farm! How to Dry Corn at Painterland Farms / Organic Corn Harvest

Started a Farm! How to Dry Corn at Painterland Farms / Organic Corn Harvest

How to Dry 1,000 bushels of Corn. Harvested corn is too wet so we’re at Painterland Farms, a Pennsylvania organic farm to see how they dry 28% moisture corn down to 15%.

Welcome to StoneHaven Organics!

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StoneHaven Organics is a 1st (First Generation), start-up, family farm (co-owned by a father [David] and son [Ben] team) in the beautiful Endless Mountains of North Central Pennsylvania. Father (David) is also the Founder of #ultimatesurvivaltips on YouTube and Son (Ben) has been David’s right hand man for nearly two decades.

Ben is the visionary behind the StoneHaven Organic Farms and has wanted to be a farmer since he was a small child. Through the inspiration (and consulting) of Rodale Institute and the study of old world and new low-till, soil science, cover cropping, soil building, organic and regenerative practices – Ben is progressing fast and has the farm on track to double in size and turn a profit soon.

We hope to inspire you to make a plan, work the plan, modify the plan, stay positive, be safe and go after your dreams. Join Ben and David on their journey and discover what it truly means to start an organic farm from scratch with a dream, no land and little money – TODAY!

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