Stockpile Fuel Before SHTF: Do This Now

Stockpile Fuel Before SHTF: Do This Now

In todays video we provide a comprehensive guide to the various types of fuels available to survivalists and preppers. We discuss everything from pros and cons of each fuel source to the storage requirements, shelf life and special considerations. Propane, gasoline, kerosense, diesel, paraffin, isobutane, alcohol, methanol gel, white gas, natural gas, wood, charcoal, renewables, and much more!

NATO Jerry can

Kerosene heater

Fuel filter

Siphon hose

Dual Fuel (propane/ gasoline) generator

Champion Duel Fuel Generator (Propane/ Gasoline)

15 Gallon Fuel Station

116 gallon fuel tank

Mr.Heater Big Buddy Propane heater

Mr.Heater Forced Air (kerosene)

Quiet Low power inverter generator

Inergy Flex Solar System (lithium)

(NEW) Nitecore NP600+ Solar Panel (Lithium)
Portable Power

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