Stronger and Less Expensive – The OneTigris Foldable Chair Returns – Multicam and Coyote Brown

Stronger and Less Expensive - The OneTigris Foldable Chair Returns - Multicam and Coyote Brown

Luke is back with the Newest Versions of the OneTigris Folding Chair and this time, there are multiple versions;

Multicam and Coyote Brown!

These chairs are less expensive, stronger and are some of the most asked about products that his viewers have seen him using and he’s here to go over the pros and the cons in this Agenda Free Review.
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OneTigris Foldable Chair Returns
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Versions : 2 available – one Multicam and one Coyote

Price :
Multicam : $60
Coyote : $50

Weight :
Multicam : 2lbs 8.3oz
Coyote : 2lbs 9.6oz

Materials :
Multicam : MultiCam® 500D Cordura Nylon
Coyote : 600D Polyester Fabric

Frame : 7075 Aluminum Alloy Frame Setup

Weight Limit : 330lbs / 150kg

Dimensions :
Setup : 25.6” Tall x 19.7” Deep and 22.4” wide
Folded : 15.7” long x 3.9” x 3.9”

– Side pockets :
– Larger Carry Bag that can attach to the bottom of the chair
2 utility loops
5” x 5.5” hook and loop
If you all remember, last year I reviewed the OneTigris Camo chair and while I liked the product a lot, I had some ideas which could improve it. Shortly after my review went up, the company pulled the product from the market and today, it returns; this is the new and improved OneTigris Folding Chair and some of the improvements include;

– Larger storage bag
– Higher weight limit thanks to the double barrel aluminum frame
– Color Options
– Lower price
– 2 utility loops for hanging gear

Review Pros :
Excellent quality chair
Easy to setup
Easy to break down
I like that OneTigris is offering color options; camo and Coyote, both i like
Works well inside of a truck when overlanding, inside of a hot tent or around a camp fire
Excellent weight limit
Good height for average height individuals
Larger storage bag; easier to get chair in and out of
Price is excellent; lower than many comparable products

Review Cons :
For these chairs, I have only one real con to speak of and that is smell;
There is a very strong chemical smell to these…while it has dissipated some it is still present.

Ultimately though, with the new chairs, there isn’t much to complain about; the quality continues to be excellent, the improvements they made are excellent.

There are less expensive chairs on the market but most don’t offer you the same weight limits or color options.

Folding Table :
Some of you may be wondering about the OneTigris Folding table and I was wondering if the company had plans to bring out a new version so I reached out to them to see if I could get some information….and I did.

At the time of filming this video, there won’t be a new folding table any time soon. There is a possibility for a new folding table but and here’s the but, there is no guarantee that it is going to come to the market; it depends on how well the chairs sell.

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