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With the recent Earth Quakes in California, I was asked to do a video on “Earth Quake Preparedness” or other Natural Disaster preparedness video. The more I thought about it, the more I realized we needed to touch on WHAT the BASICS were before we focused on certain situations.
Many requirements overlap and checking certain blocks off your preparations will help you prepare for a vast majority of the situations that unfortunately catch many people unprepared.
If your plan is to just wait until EMS or FEMA come to help you out, that’s fine; just understand that you may be waiting a very long time.
So, in this video, I first want to focus on the basics…
The Basics
Self Defense
Situational Requirements

Layer your gear. Start with your daily carry. Then, what you have in your vehicle and perhaps your office. Then, look at what you have at home. You’ll quickly see that you may already have many of these subjects covered. However, you may also find that there are severe holes in your preparedness. These shortcomings are where you start.
I hope you enjoy the video. Remember that I read all your comments. I try to answer all questions.
Strength & Honor, TR

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