Survival Fishing a Tropical Island, Found Homeless Kitten

The last 2 days camping alone with homeless kitten. Catching fish and squid to feed kitten. Catch and cook squid, calamari is better than fish! We explore more of the island then catch & release some beautiful tropical fish, and Giant Trevally. We then catch more fish to cook for us and the kitten before we sleep. The last day I go fishing for big fish in the morning before we pack up and say good bye to the island. When the boat arrives we find out something we did not expect to hear!

Consuming the fish
We catch and release many fish and keep only what we need for food for us and the kitten. The fish we keep is Honeycomb Cod and Red Throat Emperor. I scale, gut, gill, and fillet this fish before cooking the fish in batter for crispy fish nuggets, was delicious!

Catching Squid
Using a squid jig I catch squid and we fry it with olive oil, onion, garlic, lime, pepper, salt, soy sauce and chilli – for a delicious lunch!

The Fishing equipment
Fishing Reel 18 EXIST LT2500D
18 Exist Spin Reels
Daiwa Crossfire 602 MHS
Fishing Line Saltiga 12 EX+Si 1.5/200m & 10lb J-Braid
Saltiga 12 Braid Uvf Pe+Si Line

The Tech Gear
GoPro hero 8 for action scenes in 4K resolution 25fps
Under water shots with GoPro hero 8 with 2.7K at 50fps
Apple iPhone 11 for vlogging parts 4K with 30fps
Video editing with MacBook Pro 2019 13″
Apples Final Cut Pro

Leave a comment on the video if you have any Q’s or just frothing out!

Cheers for watching

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