Survival fishing only eat what we catch

Day 1 of 5 days survival camping on this amazing uninhabited tropical island. With no food and limited water I have to catch and cook fish to survive. Subscribe to this channel to see if I complete this challenge! New videos every week and more.


First time testing the “worlds smallest” gas burner to cook the fish…

Consuming the fish
Caught many different species of fish in this video, the fish cooked are called Spanish Flag, though every country probably has a different name for the fish we catch.

Fishing equipment used in video

Heavy Tackle
20 SALTIGA (G) 14000-XH
20 Saltiga Spin Reels
Fishing Rods
Popping Rod SPARTAN S79-8/10
Saltiga 12 EX+Si 8/300m
Saltiga 12 Braid Uvf Pe+Si Line

Light tackle
Fishing Reel 18 EXIST LT2500D
18 Exist Spin Reels
Daiwa Crossfire 602 MHS
Fishing Line Saltiga 12 EX+Si 1.5/200m & 10lb J-Braid
Saltiga 12 Braid Uvf Pe+Si Line

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