Survival Hacks That Could Save Your Life

Here are helpful survival hacks that could save your life one day.

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9. Never walk downstairs with your hands in your pockets. It sounds a little obvious, but if you trip, you need your hands to save yourself from getting hurt. Taking a tumble down a flight of stairs can be pretty disastrous, so it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry!

8. Keeping your keys by your bedside table: Keeping your keys by your bedside table may save your life if someone breaks into your home. If someone were to ever break into your home, just press the panic button to set off your alarm in the car. This may scare off the person who is breaking into your home, or may even spark a neighbour to call the police.

7. Always follow your instinct. That may seem like an obvious one, but let’s be real here, a lot of the times we don’t do this. When something feels wrong, your body is telling you that danger is not too far. A lot of the time, people to fail to follow their instincts. This can lead to bad situations. In certain cases, when our natural instincts take over, there’s a reason that it happens. If you have a gut feeling about something and your intuition seems to be trying to tell you something, you should always believe it.

6. Self defence: Knowing a bit of self-defence, in general, is always helpful. But for those of us who don’t know much about fighting, there’s one trick that always works if attacked. Go straight for the attacker’s groin area. This will stop them right away and will give you a bit of time to get out and run to get help. This might seem like common sense, but all too often in times of stress or panic, our minds can go blank and forget everything we know about defending ourselves. In the event that you ever need to protect yourself, just aim for the groin area.

5. Staying safe in a cab or an Uber: Generally, people feel pretty safe driving in a cab. But of course, there’s always that possibility that something can go wrong.

4. Walking in a parking lot alone at night: If you’re going to a parking lot alone at night, walk with your keys in your hands. That way you can get into the vehicle quickly and drive off. Never stand by your car rummaging through your purse or your pockets. If there is a predator or someone dangerous around, this gives them time to creep up to you unexpectedly and attack you. So always have your keys in your hands before you enter the parking lot.

3. Texting and walking: We’re all probably guilty of walking and texting at the same time. Don’t do this when you’re walking in the street. You become an easy target. Our phones are pretty distracting, but when you are walking down the street just put it away. You don’t want to risk getting hit by a car. You could also potentially make a car swerve into other cars or traffic, which can cause a car accident. So just pay attention to what you’re doing and save the phone use for later! The same can be said for texting and driving.

2. Being caught in a burning building: If you ever find yourself trapped in a burning building, don’t run out. Get down to the floor and start crawling. According to KidsHealth, there’s more oxygen down there and you won’t pass out. And, of course, never ever take the elevators if you are in a burning building. Elevators can malfunction when there is a fire, and the last thing you want to have happen is get stuck in an elevator when there is a fire.

You should also always follow the instructions that the fire department gives you if you are trapped in a burning building. Always do what you can to keep yourself safe.

1. Always have an emergency kit in your car: In the event that you ever find yourself in trouble on the road (if you blow a tire and are stranded on the side of the road, for example), always have a an emergency safety kit in your car. An emergency safety kit contains booster cables, a blanket, a flashlight, a first aid kit, and more to help you in the event that you are stranded. You can purchase an emergency kit at any hardware or auto store. You won’t regret the purchase, especially if your car breaks down in the middle of winter!

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