“Survival Island” – Tropical Island Survival Challenge

I was tagged by my friend Sandy to make a video on what 3 items I would choose to bring along if I were to be dropped onto a desert island and forced into a survival situation… much like a Survivorman or Man vs. Wild episode. The scenario is that the island is approximately 10 sq. miles in size, and has abundant fresh water and a reliable food supply. This is my satirical reply…

I took the liberty of having a little bit of fun with this concept. A huge factor in “surviving” is the ability to make the most out of whatever situation you find yourself in… as well as remaining calm and not panicking; humor goes a long way in reducing panic and thus allowing your mind to function much more effectively. Since your mind is your #1 asset in any survival situation, it pays to keep it clear, focused, and relaxed. Of course it helps tremendously to have some “tools” along too. Below is a look at the items that I would bring along, as well as my reasoning behind including them.

About my “real” choices:
1. Knife – For everything from shelter building to procuring & processing food. This is the one item I would bring above all others.
2. Lighter – For a fast, dependable, and easy way to make fire. Since fire is critical to both sustenance of life as well as moral, I would want the quickest, easiest method of creating it.
3. SAS Handbook – Contains a wealth of information on all aspects of survival… plus I would go crazy without something to read!

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