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Learn what I Have in my personal survival kit. This is the survival kit that I take with me on back country wilderness trips where a potential problem could turn my trip into a survival situation. If you are on critical medication then always remember to prepare your survival pack to reflect that need. Fire (heat) and shelter are of paramount importance here in Alaska for short term survival. Your environment may require different items to keep you prepared for your location.

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A couple playlists or videos that you may enjoy follow below:

Making And Using A Hot Tipi – Tent

Tarp Tents And Buscrafted Shelters

Hello my name is Lonnie and My wife is Connie.

Here at Far North Bushcraft And Survival you will learn about many long forgotten tricks and tips of the old time woodsmen. Not only will you learn about bushcraft / woodcraft but you will learn many things that will help you to survive in less than ideal “survival” situations as well. Come along and sit with me by the campfire as I delve into these subjects in a way that you can easily learn to then do yourself.

I will show you how to make shelters, gather food, use wild medicines as well as start fires with or without matches, lighters, ferro rods, etc

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