Survival Stories: Stranded Adrift in Open Sea | Fight To Survive | FD Survive

Fight To Survive – Episode 1: Stranded Adrift in Open Sea | Survival Show

Episode 2 – Shark Attack:

Best friends, Ed Cohen and Ken Henderson, set out for two days of Texas gulf fishing. Tragedy strikes and the two men are stranded adrift in hostile waters.

Fight to Survive tells the inspiring true stories of outdoorsmen who have faced down death in the wilderness and lived to tell their story. Adventurer, author and survivor Craig DeMartino hosts the series, journeying to meet other survivors and hear their stories. Each episode, Craig takes a survivor back to the flashpoint of their ordeal as they share with him their very own fight to survive. This s
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FD Survive is the newest member of the Free Documentary family (Main, Nature, History, ENDEVR, Pet Docs) that is dedicated to the highest quality documentary, bringing you outstanding content on everything Survival. From fending off bear attacks and treating snake bites, to finding water and edible plants – you’ll learn it on SURVIVE.

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