Survival Tool Guide For Preppers (Part 2)

Survival Tool Guide For Preppers (Part 2)

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This is the second part in a series of videos about how to choose the right survival gear! Axes, blades, Saws, sharpeners and more!

Part 1 is here

APO-1 survival by Survival Lilly

Gets Survival axes here


Survival blades

Survival Saws

Japanese Nata Hatchet

Silky NATA 240 mm Hatchet/ Chopper


Wetterhall Throwing Axe

Wetterhall Throwing Axe | Hultafors

Lansky diamond sharpeners

Pivot handheld sharpener

Wod tool grinder

Complete sharpening stone set

Survival Shovel

Spetsnaz shovel