Survivalist / Prepper RV for sale in Morgantown, WV – 95 Stewart Stevenson Conversion

This 1995 Stewart Stevenson 4X4 ex-military vehicle has been transformed into the world’s baddest RV… perfect for calming your inner Prepper or Survivalist! The truck started life as a machine gun equipped flatbed truck. The entire RV box and everything in it is brand new. The builder intended to take it into the dessert and it’s perfect for that use! Full shower and bathroom, large fridge, 500 gallons of fresh water, 4WD that will go thru anything! Check out the detail work on the interior! For sale in Morgantown, WV…. find it online at … search by year make and model, or click the ‘RV’s and Campers for sale’ link! Posted 6-26-19.

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