Surviving and Thriving In a Mexican Jungle – La Venta Canyon, Chiapas

La Venta Canyon in a stunningly gorgeous destination in the pristine tropical wilderness of El Ocote Biosphere Reserve in Chiapas, Mexico that hosts a vast biodiversity of over 2,000 plant and fungi species and 5,000 animals species, where the sound of tropical birds never ceases and fresh water springs forth from the tall rugged rocky cliffs. The river is full of various species of cichlids and catfish and at night the jungle lights up with fireflies dancing around the shore of the river.

On this trip I slowly make my way up the canyon observing the best of nature, drinking from springs, and identifying edible plants,… and um,.. eating insects too! I build a very, very simple shelter at night which protects me from the rain. Other than nearly getting hit by falling rock everything goes well.

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