SURVIVING THE SERE CHALLENGE! @officialserechallenge

SURVIVING THE SERE CHALLENGE! @officialserechallenge

In November of 2022 I was a contestant on Season II of the @officialserechallenge hosted by Randal @GruntProof
The SERE challenge is an incredible physical and mentally tuff exercise where one contestant has 24 hours to reach a designated extraction point. All the while the other contestant is hunting him with the assistance of a scouting team. After the first round is over the roles reverse and the hunter becomes the hunted with the same mission of making it to the extraction.

In this video you will see everything through my perspective while going through the challenge as a survivor. To see the complete story, please go to
@officialserechallenge Youtube channel and check out the whole season already uploaded!

Special thanks to Randal @GruntProof for letting me participate in this challenge and also allowing me to use this footage on my channel! Thanks again brother!

Also special thanks to @STOKERMATIC for the amazing job he did during this series! Also, my competition Jared @2alphasolutions guy is a patriot and warfighter! Hope to work with you all again very soon.

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