Tai Chi 4 Minutes a day with Master Wong in Playitas

Tai Chi 4 Minutes a day with Master Wong in Playitas

Practicing Tai Chi in the early morning breathing fresh air, soaking up some vitamin D, couldn’t be at a better place then Playitas resort!

Check out the resort here:- https://www.playitas.net/

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~ About Master Wong ~
My name is Master Wong. I created the Master Wong System in 1992. As a Martial Arts Master, it is my sincere desire for all of my students worldwide to gain the skills they need and improve the quality of their lives, by following the principles of my system. All of my YouTube videos give an insight into the systems I teach, from instructional videos to funny scenario-based videos. So make sure you subscribe to my channel if you’re interested in Martial Arts, Health & Fitness. You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram & Udemy. If you want to get in touch, got to my website below Website address: https://masterwongsystem.com/