The best way to escape a throat grab | Self Defence

The best way to escape a throat grab | Self Defence

The best way to escape a throat grab | Self Defence
Wing Chun is a form of Kung Fu that is unique and remarkable. It gives us the skills, tactics, strategies, techniques, and mindset to enhance our understanding of self-defense, which is a significant benefit of its study. We will be able to defend ourselves if we have this ability. In addition to improving our physical and mental health, we also gain strength and confidence. Even though Wing Chun has self-defense applications, it is much more. As well as fitness and health, it can help us maintain a healthy lifestyle. Master Wong’s mission is to teach you everything you need to know about Wing Chun and how to use it to improve your life.

This program is convenient because it is available online. You can access the course from anywhere and at any time. Individuals can get the training they desire from the comfort of their homes with Master Wong’s program. If you enjoy Master Wong’s YouTube videos, you can start training with him immediately!

When something unexpected happens, do you feel unprepared? 
Combat Ready strengthens your mind and body. You will be ready for any self-defense situation that may arise. Each day, we focus on seven core COMBAT READY elements.

✅ Defending against wrist grabs
✅ Counterpunching
✅ Defending against kick attacks
✅ Attacking with kicks
✅ Multiple punches.
✅ Kicking drills
✅ Protecting from leg grab techniques.

Follow the 45-minute combat-readiness training program for 30 days. You can enhance your body strength and improve combat-ready skills by training with your partner daily. Stress will decrease, and your flexibility will increase. When the time comes, you’ll be ready for battle! 

Would you like to learn Wing Chun Combat Ready for fitness and self-defense? Master Wong is an experienced instructor with more than 35 years of practical knowledge.

Are you ready to start? Yes, I was born-ready!

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