The Secret to CRAZY EASY Florida Gardening (That No One Is Telling You)

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Florida gardening doesn’t have to be difficult! Today David shares how.

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Are you tired of failing at your Florida gardening? Are stink bugs puncturing your tomatoes and nematodes gnawing your eggplants? Is the sand eating your compost like an RV swallows gas? Fear not! You CAN grow buckets upon buckets of food in Florida – and this book gives you the secrets to pulling it off year after year. Lots more food – for a lot less work! Whether you want to save money, feed your family, start a survival garden, garden year-round, go paleo or build a huge prepper garden, this is the book for you. Learn the cheap simple techniques that will kickstart your Florida gardening. Discover the crops that will always come through for you. Quit hating the sand and the bugs and start reaping abundant harvests like you’ve never had before! Totally Crazy Easy Florida Gardening provides the answers for both beginners and experts, delivered with humor. If you want yet another boring gardening book – this isn’t it. Through combining Back to Eden gardening, Square Foot Gardening, Biointensive gardening, container gardening and some of the most productive crops on the planet, you WILL succeed! This is easy Florida gardening like you’ve never seen before. Pick up a copy of Totally Crazy Easy Florida Gardening and turn your backyard patch of weeds and sand into a money-saving vegetable factory that will keep your family fed no matter what the economy does. Start gardening RIGHT NOW before it’s too late! Expert Florida gardener David The Good shares how in Totally Crazy Easy Florida Gardening.