The Top 10 Tropical Staple Crops Countdown!

In today’s video I count down the best tropical staple crops from 10 to 1. You might be surprised how many great sources of calories you can grow in a tropical climate – this isn’t even all of them, but these are the best I’ve grown.

Staple crops need to be high-calorie and have decent yields in order to be good for survival. All of the staple crops in today’s video could support you through a crisis and beyond, making them ideal choices for a warm climate survival garden. Grain corn, pumpkins, malanga, bananas, breadfruit, pigeon peas, cassava, sweet potatoes, yams and coconuts – all amazing. Coconuts also have good fat in them, and pigeon peas have protein, so mixing those up with the high carbohydrate crops is a good idea. Some of these crops double as both calorie crops and nutrition crops. Cassava leaves are edible and nutritious, sweet potato leaves are edible and nutritions, plus malanga leaves are great cooked and make wonderful callaloo soup.

More Survival Plant Profiles here:

Black and white malanga image by Jorge Elías:

Malanga leaves image by M. Martin Vicente:

Cassava image by CITA (International Center for Tropical Research):

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