The Truth of Living in Nature: Tropical Storms and Wild Beauty

This week has been really tough, living in the rainforest creates extremes of hardship and beauty. The rain returned and a massive flood came, but then in an instant, the storms cleared! The magical sunshine has returned and it feels like the landscape is celebrating, the sun sets in a thousand shades of pink, the creeks are flowing freely and the garden is blooming. Join us on some real days of our life, gardening, swimming, sewing and creating!
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We are sisters, Julia and Anastasia Vanderbyl. A few years ago, we began a journey to live a life in perfect harmony with nature. A life of caring for animals, growing fruit, planting trees, gardening, cooking, creating, building and learning to live with the land.
In this time, nature has taught us more than we could have ever imagined.

Our environmental films document the landscape, the lessons we’ve learnt and our work as regenerative farmers here on Bundjalung Country.

We live on the land of the Arakwal and Minjungbal People of the Bundjalung Nation. We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the Country we live on and recognise their continuing connection to the land and waters. We thank them for protecting this rainforest and its ecosystems since time immemorial.

Music by Indira Elias:
“Dreamy Youth” and “Restart”

A big thank you to all of the incredible artists who share their music in each episode! All of the music included can be found here:

0:00 Rainforest living and the extremes; hardship and beauty
1:26 The endless beauty of gardening
3:53 Summer storms
5:08 night routine with the goats, ducks and chickens
6:41 This was scary: the reality of living in nature
8:02 Swimming in the stream
8:51 Sewing a summer dress
10:25 Embroidering on a vintage sewing machine
12:54 Finished! Trying on my new dress!!

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