These 30 Tools Are Worth More Than Gold In SHTF!

These 30 Tools Are Worth More Than Gold In SHTF!

Links to each item below:
1. Axe:
2. Saw :
3. Claw Hammer:
4. Square:
5. Level:
6. Chalk line:
7. Pry bar:
8. 2 pound sledge:
9. Multimeter:
10. Wire strippers:
11. Chisel:
12. Circular Saw:
13. Cordless Drill:
14. Drill Bit Set:
15. Reciprocating Saw / Jig Saw:
16. Adjustable pliers: Channel locks:
17. A pair of Pipe wrenches:
18. Needle nose pliers:
19. Screw driver set:
20. Pair of Knipex Cobra pliers:
21. Wrench set:
22. Socket set:
23. OBD Code reader:
24. 3 ton Floor jack:
25. 3 ton Jack stands:
26. Oil drain pan:
27. Funnel:
28. 12 Volt Car Battery charger:
29. Shovel:
30. 12 lb Sledge Hammer:
31. Bonus: Wood splitting maul:

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