Top 10 Best Shotgun Ammo For Home Defense

Top 10 Best Shotgun Ammo For Home Defense
The trusty 12 gauge shotgun is one of the most popular tools to use to protect your home. Most self-defense scenarios take place in close quarters and happen quickly. Odds are, you aren’t going to have much time to think in a home invasion. Any shooting you do will likely be instinctive.
Modern advancements in ammunition design have produced some exciting shotgun loads specifically engineered for effective home defense, and these high-performance loads really deliver. However, when it comes to shotgun ammunition for home defense, there are good options, and there are better options. Here is my list of the best 12 gauge ammo for home defense. These are shells that are reliable and will serve as a great deterrent from any scattergun during a home invasion.Before we get into specific ammo recommendations, let’s take a quick look at the basic types of shotgun ammunition.
If birdshot has any advantage in home defense, it is the minimal penetration it achieves though household walls. Wall penetration is an important consideration in home defense, especially if you have kids sleeping in the next room.
Of the three most common types of shotgun ammunition, buckshot offers the best balance between wounding power, penetration, and effective range.
A shotgun slug contains a single metal projectile. These massive projectiles are heavy, penetrate deeply, and deliver serious internal damage.
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