Welcome to Top10Archive! There are few things more terrifying than being lost amongst the deep blue sea. Amidst the expanse of blue, you just float, day in and day out, hoping that someone will happen upon you or you’ll drift to solid ground. Tales of people lost at sea end in one of two ways – either with celebration and good cheer or mystery and misery. For this installment, we’re going to retell ten tales of people that braved the high seas – and while some made it back to share their story, others sadly perished to the great depths.

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10. Rex Willimon
9. Tom and Eileen Lonergan
8. Brad Cavanagh and Deborah Kiley
7. Josh Long and Troy Driscoll
6. Amanda Thorns and Dennis White
5. Richard Van Pham
4. Steven Callahan
3. The Andrea Gail
2. Salvador, Jesus, and Lucio
1. The Robertsons

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