Top 10 Tips To Survive The Worst Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are terrifying and unpredictable. Here are the top 10 tips you’ll significantly improve your chances to survive the world’s most common natural disasters.
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Be Amazed at these Top 10 ways to survive natural disasters! Volcanic eruption – Volcanic eruptions are, without a doubt, one of the most destructive events that you can experience. Snowstorms – When a snowstorm hits, you obviously want to stay in the comfort of your home. Tornado – Meteorologists usually warn about upcoming tornado’s 15-30 minutes beforehand. But given the fact that tornadoes can swirl up to a speed of 300 miles per hour, it’s important to act fast. Hurricane – Hurricanes seem to be more common now than ever especially around the Caribbean. And given how devastating and costly theys can be, it’s pretty important you know these tips to stay safe. Avalanche – If you’re someone who enjoys Alpine skiing then an avalanche is probably your biggest nightmare.
Wildfire – As usual, its best to stay away if you foresee this event. But if not, remaining calm and clear-headed may save your life. Landslide – Thankfully, most landslides can be anticipated. So if the authorities order you to evacuate, do so. They can be very dangerous. Tsunami – As is the case with most natural disasters, getting prepared for a tsunami will greatly increase your chances of surviving one. Earthquake – Earthquakes aren’t unusual, but some areas in the world are more prone to them than others, so if you live in an at-risk area, make sure to have a survival kit ready, and secure down and bolt heavy items that could pose a risk. Thunderstorms – If you can hear thunder, you’re within striking distance of thunder, but stay calm, and follow these steps, and you should be fine.

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