Tropical Foraging and Survival in St Croix WildLife Ep 1 Part 1

In this episode Sarah and Brad escape Vermont to St Croix USVI where Matt and Carmen Corridino run Caribbean Earth Skills at Mount Victory Camp. In Part 1 we meet Matt and Carmen, get to know the island, forage for almonds and sweet limes and learn about Caribbean Earth Skills.

The WildLife is a passion project Sarah and I are doing completely on our own, please share the video if you like what you see. As I get better at film making, the episodes will get better too! We are trying to decide where, who, and what to cover next.

Part Two

In Part Two we learn about the impacts of Hurricane Maria, travel into the bush to an abandoned mansion hunting for fruit, track down mature coconuts that made it through the storm, and visit the remote area Matt and Carmen lead their survival trips.

Part Three

In Part Three we see how Matt, Carmen, and the island are recovering from the storm, make a huge tropical feast from foraged food prepared with primitive style cooking methods, and learn how survival skills and experiences can shape our minds.

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