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Have 8 Sims living on the island that are at least level 4 in fishing, fitness and gardening. The challenge fails if all Sims are dead so keep them alive!

Here the most important part of the Challenge..
What Happens If You Roll…:

(2) The white god shines it’s light of happiness and fertility on the island. Every Sim is suddenly feeling better and draws more hope out of this miracle. [make all Sims happy from spells list]
(3) Wow! What is this thing? What does it do? A new skill object gets washed ashore! You won’t believe what mysterious and odd objects can reach this island..amazing! [every skill object except electronic items is allowed, choose 1]
(4) 15 new twigs! [get 15 new twigs from debug mode in build mode and place them on the island]
(5) The white god is pleased with your achievements! He shines his bright light of wisdom on one of your Sims! [Sim of your choice gets 2 new skill points using the skill cheat in spells]
(6) The tide is declining and a new Sim gets washed ashore! Who is this? Where did this Sim come from? Only the gods know… [The Sim is fully random** in traits, aspiration and age. Appearance and sexuality is your desire. If you already have 8 Sims in the household you can ignore this will. We assume the Sim died on its exhausting journey to the island. Place a skeleton if you’d like it to look realistic]
(7) 5 new twigs! [get 5 new twigs from debug mode in build mode and place them on the island]
(8) Llamatipoca is sending a thunderstorm to the island. Sadly one of your Sims (your choice) gets struck by lightning and loses 4 skill points. [use cheat in spells]
(9) The white god has blessed one of your Sims! Your Sim suddenly has a new surviving talent! [give one Sim 4,000 aspiration points by using the cheat in spells]
(10) Llamatipoca is angry! Sacrifice 2 fully grown harvestable plants/trees to the volcano [delete in build mode] Bye bye harvest!
(11) Oh wow! This is exactly what we always wanted! Your Sims are so glad the gods have heard their prayers and sent them a new object to the island. [go shopping, go wild, you can choose whatever you like no matter costs in build/buy mode]
(12) Llamatipoca is absolutely furious that you are disturbing his sleep! Sacrifice a Sim in the volcano to calm him! Preferably a virgin. 😉 [Let the Sims swim in the volcano pool and block the border with stones or fences. This Sim has to drown to death]

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