Unveiling the Reality of a Chinese Invasion

Unveiling the Reality of a Chinese Invasion

In this video, our panel discusses the ongoing border crisis in Texas and Arizona and why borders are important for national security and immigration control.

The number of military aged men from China entering our country from Mexico is alarming and poses a significant risk. Many agencies are reporting a number of these Chinese men are Special Ops soldiers.

Watch this video to learn the truth about our escalating border crisis and what you can do about it.

The panel for this video includes …

Todd Callender Esq, federal level attorney, defender of the truth
Keith Graves, 30 year LEO [RET}, gang & drug interdiction SME
Sheriff Mark Lamb, on the front line in AZ, Senate candidate
LTC [RET] Doc Pete Chambers, 39 year military veteran
Kyle Reyes, owner LawEnforcementToday.com
Chris Heaven, CEO Survival Dispatch

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