WARNING: Military is Preparing/ Total Global Shutdown

WARNING: Military is Preparing/ Total Global Shutdown

We are about to enter Defcon 1

*Due to an overwhelming amount of orders I encourage you for the time being to find alternative places to get gear than www.canadianpreparedness.com see mira safety for personal protective equipment but expect wait times. http://bit.ly/2v13wnh

This technology is revolutionizing the way environments are disinfected. Use it if chemicals run out. Lots of this stuff is now unavailable, but if you see it scoop it up while you can! May find something in links below. Remember you can still get pool shock in the place of bleach.

Get personal protective equipment here (P3 filters and Masks)

Get Homesoap here (currently sold out)

UV light based home air filtration (80$)

UV light bag

Smaller UV light box

Look for alternatives here

Get Jackery power station here (available March 18th (use coupon code Caprepper for 20% off

Ecoflow Delta

*Shopping through these links supports the channel it costs you no more than it normally would.