What To Pack For A Day Hike In The Woods

http://paulkirtley.co.uk In reading about many survival situations and circumstances where people get into difficulties outdoors, from Europe and Scandinavia to Canada and the USA to New Zealand or Tasmania, there is often a common theme….

It’s that people head out, intending not to be gone for too long. Typically they are on a day hike or even shorter, maybe out for an afternoon walk, leaving their car at a car park or trail head. BUT then they fail to return before nightfall… because they get lost, they lose the trail, they don’t have a map with them or they simply run out for time before it gets too dark to continue.

There are a few items we can take with us, however, that are going to help us in these difficult circumstances. Some things will help us avoid these situations in the first place, other items will help us get through the situation without too much trouble if we find ourselves stranded, benighted or lost in the woods.

In this video I run through the outdoor clothing and equipment that I might put in my daysack/daypack that would help me should I become benighted, stranded or lost while out for a day hike in the woods.

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