Wild Nothing – Live at Lollapalooza Chicago 2013

Track Listing:

1.) Shadow 00:00
2.) Confirmation 04:20
3.) Counting Days 07:45
4.) Golden Haze 11:45
5.) Only Heather 14:37
6.) Nocturne 18:05
7.) Paradise 23:52
8.) The Blue Dress 29:47
9.) Summer Holiday 33:30
10.) Ride 37:39

Overall this is a pretty damn good set by Wild Nothing. Someone else uploaded this, and I downloaded it (At 1080p). They took it down, so for historical purposes, I’ll re-upload it (At 1080p). This took about 5 hours to upload. Enjoy.

There is a strange cut right in the middle of ‘Ride’ which is the world’s biggest musical disappointment of all time, but blame the videographers, not me.

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