Wilderness Medicine/Survival Product Review: Blizzard Jacket

The Blizzard Survival Jacket is a compact, warm, weatherproof, and relatively lightweight emergency survival product that has caught our attention. Is it worth the expense and extra weight vs. a heavy-duty garbage bag? Dr. Donner and Charles from PerSys Medical demonstrate.

Note: From time to time MedWild provides independent reviews on interesting wilderness medicine & survival products. MedWild does not have a financial relationship with PerSys Medical/Blizzard Survival.

MedWild provides wilderness medicine, wilderness survival, and search and rescue instructional videos on a variety of topics: high altitude illness, traveler’s diarrhea, shoulder dislocation and reduction, shelter building, bushcraft, space blankets, hypothermia, medical kits, survival kits, frostbite, snake bites, fire craft, ropes and knots, orthopedic injuries and sam splints, cold water immersion and more.

Instructor: Howard Donner, MD
Co-Author “Field Guide to Wilderness Medicine”
Served as a physician for Denali National Park, Himalayan Rescue Association, and the 1998 NOVA Everest expedition. Served as a medical operations consultant for NASA for over 5 years. Whitewater rafting guide, commercial pilot, and certified flight instructor.

See Dr. Donner speak at the National CME Conferences on Wilderness Medicine: https://wilderness-medicine.com/

Recommended Audience: Outdoor enthusiasts and health care professionals including physicians, nurses, search and rescue teams, EMT, paramedics, ski patrol, corpsman, guides, instructors, wilderness first responders, and anyone else interested in educational and “how to” videos on wilderness emergency medicine, travel medicine, search and rescue, GPS, expedition medicine, backcountry first aid, wilderness survival training, and military medicine. Dr. Donner’s draws on his extensive backcountry and travel experience to highlight key signs, symptoms, treatments, and improvised techniques and skills.

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