Wing Chun Techniques | What is your favourite technique?

Wing Chun Techniques | What is your favourite technique?

Wing Chun Techniques | What is your favorite technique?
Whether or not you are a martial artist as a self-sufficient and functional being, you are of three parts to make you a whole; your mind, body, and spirit. For more information click here:
In this training, we will focus on the body and mind with a particular interest in the mind. Like Master Wong tells us, all the philosophy behind our instruction starts with our four fundamental Pillars.

Pillar 1 The purity of your intent
Pillar 2 The focus of your will
Pillar 3 The level of your awareness
Pillar 4 The quality of your character

Use these pillars as a guide to support your attitude and judgment, and enable yourself to effectively use this system to enhance your life for the better and to do good which is what a martial artist should always strive for. When you use your skill to do good this shows the purity of your intent. In the challenge to follow, we want to give you the tools to build the skills to be ready for the bad things in life. Danger often strikes at a time, not of our choosing, and we must be as prepared as we can in the shortest period of time possible.

Self-directed challenges like this require you to be honest and realistic. The challenge is a prerequisite to the workshops we will be hosting as we will build upon these real-life scenarios with strategies on how to deal with different situations.

Out of the Four Pillars, we will be focused on Pillar Three, The Level Of Your Awareness. Before we get into awareness, we have to understand how thoughts work. We have two types of thoughts we use at any given time as we run through our lives, and it truly takes both to navigate them. Like the Tao, there is a duality to everything, and thoughts are no different. One is precise, and the other very broad.

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Master Wong Out!!
Your Loving mentor, Master Wong

PS. Whether you are new to the Martial Arts lifestyle or an experienced martial artist looking to further your understanding and skill set, I am here to help you. I train new students, but I also mentor those practitioners who wish to learn new tactics or instruct others in the arts. Developing the skills to teach Martial Arts is not the same as doing martial arts. In this field, I can help you.