Winter Survival Shelter, Stay Warm Overnight With No Fire

How to build a simple emergency winter survival shelter for use in a solo overnight stay in the field. If you end up getting caught out in bad weather while out in the field and have limited resources this style shelter can be made with no tools, and little skill. Just build it small and use as much material as you have energy to gather, the more you get the warmer you will be.
The Arid Scablands can be a tricky place to be when the weather gets bad. Cold winds, low temperatures and steep cliffs and ledges can become hard to navigate at night. In other areas that have an abundance of resources building a shelter can be pretty simple, and there are many videos of building bamboo huts, stick lean-to’s shelters, fern and bark huts. We have to be a little creative out here having almost none of those building materials, even firewood is scarce.