Wrist Grab Defense Instant Break Technique self defence

Wrist Grab Defense Instant Break Technique self defence

Wrist Grab Defense: Instant Break Technique
Hi, everyone. Master Wong here. In this video, titled "Wrist Grab Defense: Instant Break Technique," we’re going to dive into the world of close-quarter strikes and bone-jarring joint techniques. Every punch, kick, block, elbow, and knee is designed to work harmoniously with your body’s innate structure.

Our focus is on angles and leverage, a fundamental principle in Wing Chun. By optimizing the body’s inherent mechanisms, we can generate explosive power and break free from wrist grabs with ease.
In this video, you’ll learn:

* The secrets of close-quarter combat and self-defense.
* How to harness the power of your body’s natural structure.
* Wing Chun techniques for instant wrist grab escapes.

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