Zelda Link’s Awakening (Switch): 100% Walkthrough Part 7 – Ocarina & Yarna Desert

Zelda Link’s Awakening 100% Walkthrough with No Commentary Switch Gameplay. In this playthough we will collect all heart pieces, secret seashells and all the other collectibles.
►ZELDA LINK’S AWAKENING – PLAYLIST: https://bit.ly/2ktgKE5
►Discord: https://discord.gg/beardbear
►Twitter: https://twitter.com/beardbaer

►Game Information:
▪ Title: The Legend of Zelda – Link’s Awakening
▪ Developer: Nintendo, Grezzo
▪ Publisher: Nintendo
▪ Platform: Switch
▪ Genre: Action-adventure
▪ Playtime: 10+ hours

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