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3 Life Changing Gun Books You Should Own (and Read)

Book 1: The Four Pillars of Fighting by James Yeager Amazon: or Book 2: Urban Rifle by Clint Smith Amazon: Book 3: Unintended Consequences by John Ross Unintended Consequences in softcover 00:00 Redneck Survivalist

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The Olight Seeker 4 Pro

Olight 10% off Sootch00 Code Link: (Affiliate) EXOTAC 20% Discount Code: Sootch20 Link: (Affiliate) Robbie Wheaton’s YouTube Channel: The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse by Fernando "Ferfal" Aguirre: Be Redneck Survivalist

Survival Tips and Guides


You are home on a Sunday. Your oldest daughter is out with friends. Suddenly the power goes out. Cell phones are not working. Your car starts and there are planes still flying in the sky. Redneck Survivalist

Survival Hacks

How To Never Get Lost In The Forest | Powerful Rugged Mil-Spec Tablet | Doogee R10 Budget Friendly!

– You Should Really Check Out This Budget Friendly Rugged Outdoors Tablet! I Have been Using This Doogee R10 Tablet On Several Trips. It’s Smooth And Solid. Doogee R10 Link Main Website Support Redneck Survivalist

Survival Hacks

Tips For New Shooters – Choosing A Gun – Clint Smith #gun #firearms #ccw #concealedcarry

Clint Smith Unfiltered and Unedited- Full Interview Please consider supporting this channel by using this link for all your Amazon shopping: You can support this channel PATREON: Subscribe to the SOP newsletter here: Redneck Survivalist